Shopping in Spanish

¡Vamosde compras! Let’s go shopping!  In Spanish we have two similar expressions to talk about shopping, but they have a slightly different meaning:

  • Hacer la compra > to do the shopping. It’s what we use when we are going to buy basic things, like food or cleaning products, and generally to the market or supermarket. 
  • Ir de compras > to go shopping. It’s an expression we use when we buy non basic stuff, like clothes, for example. 

Here you will find some  flashcards and Spanish online exercises that will help you learn some  vocabulary related to shops and buying in Spanish. First, try to memorize as many words as you can. Click on every card to find the answer:

So what do you generally prefer: going shopping or doing the shopping? ¿Ir de compras o hacer la compra? Once you have seen all the cards, try to remember then. It won’t be very difficult! Now, why don’t you do this exercise? Try to match every word with its meaning (object). Not hard!

Now you know all about shopping in Spanish. You can also download our PDF and print the cards to revise them at any time.

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