¿Quién soy?

Filóloga, redactora, correctora y profesora de españolSoy una persona curiosa, creativa y autodidacta y, por suerte o por desgracia, me interesa casi absolutamente todo, desde la lingüística hasta la botánica, pasando por la cocina, la literatura, los idiomas, la tecnología, los deportes, las manualidades o el cine.

Soy licenciada en Filología Hispánica por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, con dos másteres (Formación del Profesorado y Enseñanza del Español como Segunda Lengua), realizados en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He trabajado como profesora de español en diferentes escuelas de Madrid y en la actualidad imparto clases en empresas, pequeños grupos y a nivel particular, tanto en vivo como por Skype.  Asimismo, he trabajado como correctora y redactora freelance para editoriales y revistas y he desarrollado contenidos didácticos para diferentes proyectos. Además, colaboro periódicamente en blogs  y en la traducción y edición de artículos de Wikipedia.

Me apasiona el mundo de Internet, el diseño y las nuevas tecnologías. Por eso también, a lo largo de mi trayectoria profesional, he ido introduciéndome de manera autodidacta en el mundo del aprendizaje a través de Internet, aprendiendo a utilizar aplicaciones para crear materiales didácticos interactivos (Adobe Captivate, Prezi, HotPotatoes, InDesign, GoogleApps, Google Docs), y también a programar y desarrollar cursos online. De igual manera, he ido familiarizándome poco a poco con la web 2.0 a través del diseño y administración de blogs, la grabación y publicación de podcasts y la creación de wikis y foros, herramientas que, por otra parte, trato de incluir en mis clases como vía de motivación y participación del estudiante en construcción de su propio aprendizaje. Fruto de todo este interés es este sitio web, que compagino con Google y blogs de clase.

…Mi otra autobiografía

My teacher profile

Who I am… DrawingPin1_Blue

I am very curious, self-taught and creative person. I love learning and teaching, and I am passionate about my work.

In my free time, I love travelling, reading good books, watching movies, cooking, hiking, playing table games and, of course, spending time with my family and friends. I was born in Málaga, but I’ve lived in Madrid for many years. I have travelled a lot, but not as much as I’d liked to, and I  have also lived in the Netherlands, Portugal and the United States. I speak Spanish (my mother tongue) and fluent English, French and Portuguese.

How I came here

I have a bachelor degree on Spanish Philology (that is Linguistics and Spanish and Latin American Literature), and two masters degrees on Education and on Spanish as a Second Language (ELE). I studied in Madrid, at the University Complutense and University Autónoma.

I have worked for many years as a language teacher (both in face to face lessons and in online environments). As part of my job, I also write for several blogs and language magazines and publishers and sometimes I do proofreading in Spanish as well.

I am passionate about the Internet and cutting-edge technology, and that is why, throughout my career, I have introduced myself, mostly in a self-taught fashion, into the world of e learning. To do so, I have learned how to use different types of software, like Adobe Captivate, Prezi, Hot Poatatoes and InDesign, as well as some LSM (like Moodle) and some tools 2.0 (like blogs, wikis, Google Apps, podcasts and some others) that I enjoy introducing in my lessons in order to motivate my students and make them express themselves and start constructing their own learning.

How I work

My lessons are based on the communicative approach, fully adapted to online learning. I normally use Spanish in my classes, with a very rare use of the students’ mother tongue (except for extremely difficult explanations or practical issues).

I try to emphasize the importance of communication (which must be our goal when leaning a foreign language), and that is why I do a lot of practise on oral skills. However, I am also aware of the different objectives people have when learning a language (work, travelling, academic language, university), so I always try to adapt myself to every student’s pace and need. I always offer a level test and a need analysis to my new students (though both of them are optional).

I have worked a lot to create my own materials, fully adapted to online learning, and I like to use them in my lessons, as well as some other materials and resources that I take from different books and sites. All materials are included. To begin, you just need a Skype account and an Internet connection. After every lesson, I send a full summary of the class with a few exercises and explanations, and well as some suggestions to practice or improve.

Spanish might be difficult language to learn but, if you are truly willing to learn, you will get to speak better than Spaniards do!

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